Running Pin 2.14 on Linux with kernel version > 4

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Intel made a significant change of Pin from version 2 to 3. Users are forced to linked their tool with the provided PinCRT. However, it does not support features such as RTTI and modern C++11 that Pin 2.14 supports. To make Pin 2.14 run on newer Linux distributions, we have to make some changes.


First, if you have gcc version > 5, the following patch needs to apply to the Unix makefile ($PIN_ROOT/source/tools/Config/makefile.unix.config). A related is reported here.


Launching Command

It requires some special flags to make Pin 2.14 run on newer Linux kernel according to this issue. Here is a list of launching commands and the Linux distributions on which I managed to let Pin work:

  • Ubuntu 16.04:

    $PIN_BIN -injection child -ifeellucky -t <> -- <app>

  • OpenSUSE LEAP 42.3:

    $PIN_BIN -ifeellucky -t <> -- <app>